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Who We Are

We are a veteran owned husband and wife team with over 20 years combined experience in this field. 

Our Mission

To provide customers with honest and professional solutions for their business or personal technology needs. Our goal is to make every customer a repeat customer.

What We Do

We offer a wide range of services in the technology field. Branding, Marketing, Website Design, and PC services to name a few.

Our History

With years of experience in a consumer environment performing PC services and small business technology support and close to a decade of experience in the DOD performing network security and encryption for more than 5,000 end users. It was time to start offering these services to clients who have a need but don’t know who to trust or how to go about accomplishing their goals. The majority of our customers have an idea of what they want but have no clue about all the pieces of the puzzle that need to fall into place before their final goal can be accomplished. From PC services to website design we have the experience to provide you with all the information needed to make an educated decision on your next project.

Our 6-D Process



The more time spent in the discovery phase of a project the smoother the entire process becomes. We will try to gain the best understanding of our clients vision before work is started.



Once we understand what the project entails we will go over the scope of the project with the client to increase efficiency and keep costs down. All costs will be discussed up front to guarantee no surprise costs will be charged at the end of a project.



Whether it is website design or a computer network we can design from scratch a solution to fit your budget. We can provide many example templates to kick start a project or work through a complete design from scratch to ensure a unique user experience.



We are in house developers and marketers. We are also affiliated with photographers and videographers. Website design does not have to be an intimidating project. Let us walk you through what is involved and take the stress into our hands.



Our goal is to complete the scope of the project on time and on budget, every time. We can be onsite if needed to deploy an application and ensure a smooth transition from old technologies to new ones.



Our promise is to deliver an exceptional experience to our clients. No fees or additional charges that have not been discussed in advance will ever be added at the end of a project. Our goal is to make first time customers repeat customers.

Why choose us?

Many templates are available to jump start your website, or we can design something from scratch. Website Design is our foundation and we do it better than our competition.

We offer in house support. You will never get routed to a call center.

Our goal is to make you successful. We have experience to advise you on best practices and industry standards.

We offer support for every service we offer. Warranties and training to our clients ensure they are happy with our services. One on One training provided with documentation so that our clients understand the work we completed for them. 

We inform our clients on the best solutions and marketing strategies to ensure your decisions are well informed. 

Our staff has multiple degrees and certifications that prove, along with our experience, that we are overqualified to handle any project.

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